and then I cried and all my tears were for Dean.

I will always miss Benny for being someone who never let Dean down.


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6/10 rarely-giffed destiel scenes

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remember how sam and dean both thought that the siren infected its victims through sex

and when sam walks into the motel room to find dean with nick-the-siren and dean’s totally under the siren’s control sam just

rolls with it



You know what makes me cry.

When Jensen, who’s normally reserved and shy and Misha, who’s playful and flirty switch personalities when in the presence of each other. 

Jensen ends up turning into this outrageous flirt with his sexy movements and playful facial expressions and Misha turns into this bashful little cutie that can barely make eye contact and ends up smiling at the ground. 

Yeah that. It makes me cry a lot.



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What do you want from me?

I am mesmerized by the way he stands up like a predator holy hell that is hot

He does that by (from our perspective), maintaining eye contact as he gets up and moves towards Cas.  

The whole eyes-locked-on-target thing.  You ever want someone to back down at a bar?  Do something like this.  Don’t back down.  Creates one hell of a powerful image.  

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shadows-and-starlight said: What's Dean's "Agent Bolan" name mean?


marc bolan was the frontman of glam rock group t-rex and OPENLY BISEXUAL and lemme tell you there is no way on this good earth ben edlund didn’t know that and pick his name on purpose


*Aggressively starts humming “Main Man” at people who think that Dean is straight*


Anonymous said: (So I completely adore you and your blog) I was wondering what's the badge shot? And why use it special? You light up my life by the way


if you’re referring to “THAT SHIT WITH THE BADGE” mentioned in this post then buckle up friend because the only thing i love more than the badge shot is talking about the badge shot 

the badge shot happens around half way through the dean/aaron pub scene (in 8.13 “everybody hates hitler” just in case you’re not completely obsessed with this scene like i am) and it looks like this: 


that’s the entirety of the badge shot. the whole thing. but this scene is unbelievable and this shot is the crowning fucking glory. how many times do you think dean winchester has flashed an fbi badge??? hundreds?? THOUSANDS??? and it’s never a thing. sometimes we see it close up when he shoves it all up in someone’s face, but usually it’s just bish bash bosh badge, put it away, move on. but then there’s THIS, a shot which turns up in the middle of a scene in which dean is hit on by a dude and DOES NOT SHOOT HIM DOWN

so aaron is being cute as shit and telling dean he thought they had a little eye magic, shared a moment, and dean realises what’s happening, sloooowly reaches out, pulls the badge towards himself, and closes it. and this stuck out to me from the minute i saw this episode, at arse o’clock in the morning on a shitty jumpy livestream. i was WAITING for a gif of him closing his badge to show up. because it’s not just dean closing a fake fbi badge. that fake fbi badge is dean’s hunting persona. that fake fbi badge is hunting, full stop. it’s monsters and death and fucking nazi necromancers but, most importantly, it’s LYING. it’s symbolic of dean lying, putting on a front, being someone he’s not

dean closing that badge in the slowest, most deliberate way anyone has ever closed a badge is dean consciously choosing to approach this as dean, not agent bolan (and don’t even get me started on that name choice). this is dean realising he’s being hit on by a guy and choosing to be HONEST, and not put on the hypermasculine alpha male hunter front that he usually falls back on 

if he’d just put the badge away — no muss, no fuss, no drawing attention to it — then it wouldn’t mean anything. without this shot, fbi dean could have said “yeah okay, but no, no moment, this is a federal investigation”, shot aaron down, left the pub and it would have been 100% believable. but we got this shot. we got dean winchester stuttering and blushing and fidgeting with his badge all the way through ”yeah okay, but no, no moment, this is a federal investigation” and the subsequent flirting, fluster, minor panicking, “oh my god what am i doing???”, foot-in-mouthing and bumping into tables is ALL DEAN

and there’s nothing special about dean being himself (he’s himself 90% of the time) except for the fact he could have been done with this conversation in 1/3 of the time if he’d just stuck to the script, but he CHOOSES NOT TO. it’s ALL ABOUT THE CHOOSING. it’s about dean DECIDING TO STICK AROUND AND LET A DUDE FLIRT WITH HIM JUST TO SEE WHERE IT GOES. and, arguably, if closing the badge so deliberately symbolises dean being honest, but he keeps up the fbi cover then… i wonder… what he could be being honest about…… 

if aaron hadn’t back-pedalled after dean’s reaction to “is that supposed to make you less interesting” then you can fucking BET they would have ended up getting cute awkward drinks later and probably having a cute awkward makeout sesh in the car. i mean, if aaron wasn’t actually tailing dean and didn’t have a huge golem, but whatever

(HONESTLY THOUGH dean’s reaction to “is that supposed to make you less interesting” is surprise and poorly concealed interest so of course aaron is thinking “oh shit this wasn’t supposed to WORK” and aborts mission pronto and, seriously, dean’s facial expressions are INCREDIBLE. you can literally SEE him thinking “oh god, what am i DOING, i actually almost WENT FOR THAT, get outta here winchester” and it’s superb. he even does one of those calming hand movement things. i can’t believe this scene is real) 

and i mean everything is open to interpretation but how you can read this as anything other than “dean gets hit on by a cute guy and is really flattered and flustered and into it and decides to test the water re: burgeoning sexuality in a safe controlled environment and then gets cold feet” and still have it make sense is beyond me 


So went to the Stag-and-Doe this weekend, which was an interesting experience.  We won a framed Spiderman poster and a bunch of comics as a draw prize and I nearly won a giant bottle (like 3 L) of Crown Royal Whisky in the toonie toss game that I am still annoyed I lost.  I don’t even like Crown Royal, but I really like winning things.

I won’t lie though, I could stand to never go to a Bachlorette party again in my life. I was driving, so I was stone-cold sober while everyone got progressively drunker and drunker (there were many declarations from the bride about how much she loved us).  The high point (or low point, depending on how you look at it) was when I went up to the bar and had to order a cup of tea because I was getting a really sore throat from trying to shout over the band to talk to people.  Drinking tea at the bar.  You all wish you were as cool as I am.

On the upside, I saved the $60+ I had budgeted for cab fare along with the cost of alcohol at the bar because I wound up being asked to drive.