cas, we’re getting out of here. we’re going home.

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"That’s what Hell is – forgetting what you are."


As I was watching the Sneak Peek for 10x01, I noticed something was different about the filming but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was.  Only in my rewatch did I realize that this is reminiscent, not of scenes that have the Winchesters in them, but of the cold open in which the monster of the episode is revealed.  Based on the camera angles and the words of Dar as she is being tortured, the audience is given a clear indication that the monster in this episode is not the demon onscreen.  Rather it is the captor who is coldly draining the life out of her on his quest for information. 

Dean Winchester may be a demon, but his brother is the one that is shown to be the monster.  Dar’s own words clearly indicate the darkness that she sees within Sam.   At this point it is unclear whether she is referring to powers that Sam could be using in his pursuit of his brother, or the torture that he is inflicting upon her.   While he is not unaccostomed to torture, this enjoyment is something that has not been seen in Sam before.  It was chilling to watch him relish every second of this torture, until it was no longer about information, but rather savoring the feeling of breaking apart the body of his captive until she is ready to do whatever he bids her.  It is not unlike the torture that souls are encouraged to inflict on others in Hell, which will eventually strip away all humanity and leave the soul utterly twisted and changed.

The only time that I can remember seeing either of the Winchesters inflict torture in a similar fashion was this past season as Dean was on his way to becoming a demon.  And although Dean had the Mark of Cain pushing him on his journey, what if that lack of feeling, lack of regret, and lack of humanity is truly what turned him into a demon?  

Similarly what if in the quest to save his brother from eternity as a demon, Sam Winchester is becoming one himself?  This consuming need to find answers is already stripping away Sam’s humanity.  Perhaps it will not be too long before Hell finds the Boy King amongst its numbers.    “That’s what Hell is – forgetting what you are.”

I’m so excited by this analysis!  It’s exactly what I have been mulling over in my mind since I saw the new promo and this analysis is in-line with one of my oldest meta pieces.

When I initially saw the clips in the earlier promos of the torture scene, I rolled my eyes in anger and frustration.  In recent years, the show has implicitly approved of torture through Dean, Sam, Bobby and Cas’ unquestioned and facile use of it.  This looked like yet another example of the use of torture by the good guys, as an “ends justify the means” kind of way.

But in the extended promo, Sam is definitely losing himself in the hunt for Dean and nothing demonstrates that more than the way he’d torturing Dar.  Usually, when they want to imply in the show that torture is the “right” thing to do, it’s done off-screen (i.e. Cas torturing monsters in 6x19, Dean torturing to try to find Lisa and Ben at the end of season 6), but when they are condemning the use of torture, it’s up-close and personal and visceral (Alastair being tortured, Cas being tortured in season 9).  Sam’s torture of Dar isn’t just up-close and personal, it’s terrifyingly close and personal, through, as you point out, the way its filmed and the camera angles.  They want to draw attention to how awful it is, to how wrong it is, how wrong it is that Sam is doing this.



Somebody needs to give Sam a Snickers. 


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Yes! Same

Ugh, how annoying!!  Remember when everyone was like, “Just give us a sent folder, tumblr”?  Now it seems like we’re just like, “Just let us read our messages, tumblr!”  Talk about diminished expectations!


So is everyone having problems with the messaging system?  Because I really want to message my friends and it’s frustrating me right now.

 Favorite Dean Expressions: The stop-and-blink


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They say the devil’s water - it ain’t so sweet
You don’t have to drink right now
But you can dip your feet
Every once in a little while

This originally was going to be for a different song, but it wasn’t quite working, and I wasn’t going to finish it as a colored piece. And then this happened, so…


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Yay!!! Congratulations on getting the move done and into your new place!

Aww, thanks!!  It’s been quite the ongoing saga, but it’s such a relief now that we’ve finished all the difficult things!


Update (again!)

Hi everyone!  So just to let everyone know, the move is now officially done!!  We finished cleaning the old apartment yesterday, which involved 8.5 hours of intense cleaning over Friday and Saturday, two trips to Goodwill to make donations and a trip to the dump to safely dispose of hazardous waste and to get rid of electronic waste.  I also had to clean the oven twice because the first time left a lot of stuff still on the inside that mostly came off by the second time.  Ugh, oven cleaning is the grossest thing ever, when I have the money for it and a place I own, I am totally buying a self-cleaning oven.

But it’s all done!  We got the move-out inspection done and handed in our keys, so now we’re officially moved out completely!  So now we just need to unpack over the next few weeks or so and we’ll finally be able to host parties and have friends and family come and visit our amazing new apartment!

And this also means I should be able to get back to my regularly scheduled tumblr-ing!  I’ve missed you all!  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!